Custom Design
High Quality Fine Art Framing
By Joel Phillips
"Ice Princess"
By Bonnie Marris
By Linda Besse
"The Force of Nature Humbles All Men"        -       By  Howard Terpning           -   Frame Style 508                -                     Borsini Burr Galleries
I have been using Montgomery Frames on my paintings exclusively for so many years it seems like forever. The quality and the
design of the moldings is unsurpassed and they are produced at a reasonable price. I have always felt that a well done painting
deserves a well done frame and there are no short cuts to quality. If I sound enthusiastic it’s because I am. In my mind, they
simply are the best and the nicest people to work with.
Howard Terpning
Montgomery Frames 2001c.

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Custom Design
Special Finishes
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Stock Frames ...Style  021

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"Sunset Jaunt"
By Alan Wolton
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Floater Frame
By Chris Mummert
Daniel K. Tennant
"Grand Canyon Morning"
By Amery Bohling
Frame Style 308A
By Martin Grelle
A Tribute  to  9/11/2001
Frame Style 15-1D
By Jeremy Browne
" A Solid Foundation    "
By Mikel Donahue CA
"La Nueva Brida"
By Scott Tallman Powers
By Teresa Elliott
By Michael Ewing
"A View of Home"
By Russell Houston
"Lakota Spirit"
By Z.S. Liang
Frames for the most discerning Art Lovers
“The Gold Rush Dogs”
By Veryl Goodnight
“The Gold Rush Dogs” is a Tribute to the
Dogs that Enable Our Dreams.
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